We write here for those who are interested in electronic music genrestheir background, history of their names, their authors and those who made these genres popular and took part in their development.

Not surprisingly some of the readers can appear as strict judges and estimate the content in the terms of good/bad, organic/synthetic, drum’n’bass’/not actually drum’n’bass’ and so forth. Other readers may probably say that the detail music exploration and examination, the allocation different genres and subgenres in its composition and naming each little part of it kill the creative component. And hopefully there are readers who will just read and enjoy it.

But we don’t set ourselves the task of continuing the pure description and categorization of all the music of the world. There is a great amount of the musicians who create their music out of some certain direction frames. There is also a great amount of those who mix different genres and subgenres and it’s very hard to classify and their music. That’s what we are not trying to do. What we are doing here is telling you about most popular and established music genres: where they have taken their beginning from, what has preceded this, what has the new sound been taken by the listeners like, what the authors themselves think about their genre and how this music has influenced the whole pop-culture after all and vice versa.

Our project is not an encyclopedia either.Though it’s a reliable source of information in a way.

We don’t give you any footnotes or references where some certain opinion or a suggestion were taken from. We don’t set ourselves the task of describing each and every artist’s background and adding a long list of artists’ names in the bottom of each page. For instance the same one famous musician plays Balearic house today and deep rolling neurofunk tomorrow—how can you speak about it? Can you categorize it? No, you can’t. That’s why what we speak about is the distinctive style features so any reader can identify the music according to the sound he hears and composition structure he sees.

We accompany all we write about with concrete examples—the genre brightest representative, the tracks that determine the standards of the style; we take the music apart and analyze each little piece of it. If you enjoy this little fragments—you are welcome to get the full version of the songs in any online store and support their authors.

George PalladevFounder, author, designer